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It’s not whether we will die
 but how we will live!

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Welcome ... My practice involves two different types of People and Objectives ....

Sigrid Dildine Welcomes You to Her Synergy Practice Web Site

Synergy Practice
towards self realization...

You’re accomplished, achieved your goals, and regarded a success. On the surface your life appears idyllic, yet inside, on a deeper level, something profound is missing and you yearn for more.
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Therapy Practice
 towards emotional healing...

You’re encountering challenging life circumstances and need an experienced, skilled, and compassionate professional to break- through emotional distress and recover from trauma, freeing you to realize your goals and thrive.
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Sigrid Dildine is far more than an experienced and licensed therapist. She’s committed to bringing the joy, purpose, and creativity back to your life.

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My Personal Commitment to You


Hello Sigrid,

Words seem so inadequate to express my ‘thanks’ for helping me find my voice. With your caring and understanding and lots of hugs, you have made me feel safe enough to realize that there has been this little girl trapped inside her whole life just waiting for someone to help her find her way out.
I look forward to the next chapter of this amazing journey! The saying ‘better late than never’ really is true. I thank God every day for you, because without you I would never have the opportunity to get to know me. My life will be forever changed because of you! Thank you for all of your time.
                 LC, Engineer & R&D, Age 47
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I specialize in working with people whose destinies are on an advanced evolutionary pathway, who yearn for something more than the material trappings of success, and are committed to their personal development, wishing to live whole and joyous lives.

Deep within, all people are desirous of having a life that enables them to fulfill their unique promise and beauty.

In our synergy work, I will help you discover your higher destiny, and build a foundation of deep abiding trust for co-creation in your most personal relationships.

Phone 301-299-2477 for a
no-obligation 10 minute consultation

Located at: 6935 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 304 Bethesda, Maryland, 20815

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