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 but how we will live!

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Therapy Practice

My Therapy Practice is the portion of my work that focuses on people who are experiencing emotional difficulties. Below is a short synopsis of my therapeutic work. If you’re in need this type of assistance, please go directly to my Therapy Practice Website (


If you’re in the throes of an emotional crisis, my interventions will be aimed towards:

  • Helping you alleviate the disabling symptoms of emotional pain, despair, and stress in your life, so that you can get back on track fast, feel your old self again, and confidently resume healthy interaction with your family, colleagues, and friends.
  • Identifying and resolving core emotions and conflicts causing your breakdowns and prevent the repetition of future crises.
  • Focusing on transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs, allowing you to prosper and thrive, enjoying a life worth living.

If you find yourself stuck in an undesirable emotional state and/or suffering from dysfunctional patterns of behaviors and beliefs, we will work towards alleviating the origins of your suffering and transforming adversity into strength.


Respectful, Solution-Oriented Therapy for Sexual Abuse, Trauma, and Post Traumatic Stress

Psychological trauma affects one’s capacity to form trusting relationships and to find ways of making meaning out of a chaotic world. Issues of trust / betrayal arise, along with fear and vulnerability. Limiting core beliefs generate what are sometimes lifelong mal-adaptive patterns; children, especially, feel unlovable, often continuing into adulthood.

I have the skills, passion, and experience to help trauma survivors heal by surfacing and working with their inner unrecognized and untapped strengths and resources. When this occurs emotional events lose their charge and erroneous beliefs and undesirable healthy behaviors cease.


Safety from Trauma with Wreath

Relationships can hurt or can heal. Hurtful relationships early in life can only be fully repaired through a healing relationship. 

When our closest relationships aren’t working, it often fills us with anxiety, self-doubt, guilt, hurt, resentment, fear, shame and anger. These feelings frequently lead to emotional reactions, which add fuel to the fires of dysfunction and the downward spiral of desperation. .

If you feel stuck, or are staying in a relationship out of desperation, or putting all your focus and attention on another person while neglecting yourself and what’s important to you, consider taking steps now to make important changes.

Throughout our time together you will be seen (and will practice seeing yourself) through kind, empathic eyes (without critical judgment) as you learn to do the same with your partner and family.

If it’s another person who’s abusive and destructive, I’ll help you see what they’re doing, how they’re bringing you into their captive orbit, and how to break free without guilt or resentment.

I’ll work with you to free yourself from the shackles of negative self images, reactionary behaviors, deep anger, and blame. Together, we’ll strive to create harmonious relationships that express the deep love and respect within you.

Trust and commitment can become the hallmark of a purposeful and passionate relationship with someone you truly honor, and who, in return, honors you.

For couples, I can help you and your partner regain your sense of vitality and passion -- that “in-love” feeling.


For most people, life is not an idyllic fairy tale story of love, marriage, and living happily ever-after.

To the contrary, life can be filled with struggle, confusion, and tragedy.

Major life-changing events create enormous stresses in you, your life, and your relationships.

I will compassionately work with you and your loved ones (when appropriate) to help, encourage, and support you as you adapt and adjust to your new circumstances. Together we will design tools and strategies to facilitate making the shifts demanded in your life.

Some of the events that might throw a wrench into your life include:

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Moving
  • Changing/Losing Jobs
  • Adolescent Children
  • Cancer or other Illness
  • Birth
  • Empty Nest
  • Family Breakdown
The Strategy of Life

Stress negatively effects you both physically and emotionally; it also cascades into all aspects of your life, and leaves you in the wake of an avalanche of difficulties.

Whether its you or a loved one suffering from the anguish triggered by one or more of these disruptive, anxiety provoking life changes, be pro-active and seek professional support to help you manage the inevitable changes in being alive.

If these issues are adversely affecting your life, please visit my
Therapy Practice Website ( call me at the number below.

In my practice, I strive to use a wide range of therapeutic approaches that are custom designed to your unique circumstances and needs. I do not believe “one treatment fits all.”

Together we will co-create an approach that fits you, your life style, and your relationships.

Phone 301-299-2477 for a
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