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It’s not whether we will die
 but how we will live!

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Below I’ve provided a list of helpful resources and books.  

   about Synergy:
(some interesting reading from my colleague, Robert Porter Lynch)
       The Tragic Power of Betrayal
       Building the Pillar of Trust
    about Behavior: (some interesting ideas about why we do what we do)
        Gift of Mimickry 
    about Stress: Holding Hands

        6 Lessons for Handling Stress
    about the Conscious Mind:
        The Mystery of Consciousness
    about the Brain:
        How the Brain Rewires Itself
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   Many of my clients have found these books helpful:

Love Relationships

Getting the Love You Want


Secrets, Lies, Betrayals
After the Glass Slipper


How to Talk

Personal Happiness

Loving what is
Thousand Words for Joy

Grief & Loss

Magical Thinking
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