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 Synergistic Relationship Assessment     

Might any of these statements be applicable to you? ....

  1. I seem to have too many superficial or meaningless relationships when I know there’s more.
  2. Most of my relationships are with professionals like me -- and we talk business all the time.
  3. My friends are decent people, but we seem to be engaging at a superficial level.
  4. I don’t seem to be able to create really vibrant and energized relationships as I know I could.
  5. The betrayals I’ve experienced have wounded me deeply, but I don’t like to admit it.
  6. I’m careful not to let myself be taken advantage of or be betrayed.
  7. Someone I loved and cared about has recently let me down big-time.
  8. I’ve recently lost a loved one (or been divorced) and there’s a big hole in my heart.
  9. Too many of my relationships are filled with some petty conflict, arguing over “the same old things” without ever resolving anything.
  10. Even when I try to be loving, it doesn’t have the impact I’d hoped for.
  11. I want to be deeply and passionately in love with my spouse, but we are just plodding along.

If any of these statements are true for you, and you’re ready to make a change, my architecture and strategies to creating synergistic relationships will be refreshing and energizing. 

If you are in crisis or emotional distress, please visit my Therapy Practice Website or call me.

Great Relationships bring out the best in us -- they “spiral” us upwards to powerful heights by creating synergy. Relationships that don’t work are the ones that bring forth the worst in us. It is these “lateral” relationships and “downer” relationships that must be either transformed or jettisoned so that you can design/create a lifetime of synergistic relationships.

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