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It’s not whether we will die
 but how we will live!

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HOW I WORK WITH YOU -- a Snapshot           

Transforming Destiny

Your Very Special Destiny:

Your deepest dreams are an excellent indicator of the powerful potential that lives within you.

We will co-create an effective framework for attaining a level of synergy that’s custom made to fit you and your life’s purpose.

Together we will activate your power of commitment, while diminishing the influence of fear which has been undermining your ability to flourish. Also, I will show you how to use your emotions as a barometer of you internal energy alignment.

The Power Within:

One aspect of our work will be to bring the powerful regenerative and replenishing forces already within you into play. By tapping into the revitalizing sources within, energized by those within others, the latent creative power possible between two human spirits can trigger a quantum life shift.

In our work together, you will learn to align your three driving forces: your ego, your soul, and your creative intellect, unleashing enormous internal energy flows that we call synergy. It feels like the simultaneous confluence of all the great states of being: joy, peace, creativity, compassion, and love.

About Synergy:

One of the deepest desires of any normal human being is to live in harmony and unity with others, be it as teammate brother, sister, husband, wife, father, mother, neighbor, or friend.

It’s this common unity that underpins marriage, family, teamwork, community, alliances, nations, and the world of humankind. Yet it remains our most thwarted and elusive goal. My exclusive synergy “architecture” enables you to achieve what has in the past been quite difficult to achieve

Building Trusting Relationships:

Trust is the foundation of all enduring relationships, and the necessary point of commencement of all synergy.

However, in so many dysfunctional relationships, trust is extremely low, resulting in betrayals, manipulations, undue criticism, and self-protection that erode every chance of the individuals or the relationship evolving into a higher order of magnitude. Building a system of trust is a key leverage point for beginning the shift.

You and I will form an alliance to create magical synergetic moments in the unfolding of your new life.  

When synergy occurs, life feels effortless, energizing, and joyous beyond belief -- beyond a sense of self actualization -- an inner peace and empowerment, coupled with an ability to connect with people in wondrous ways.

Aligning your ego, soul, and creative intellect
will produce a dynamic inner energy.

Old fears that you might be seen as inadequate, that you don’t have sufficient knowledge, or that you aren’t good enough will be replaced with a soulful commitment to a greater destiny and purpose.  See more .....

Types of Clients:  I work with Individuals and Couples

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